Who is the man behind team DRF?

Find out more about more about the creator and owner of Dylan Russell fitness.

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Hi, I'm Dylan!

My personal background is in anything revolving around sport. I have played soccer since 4, basketball since 8 and every other sport throughout the years.

I was introduced to work out programs and gym routines early on at 15. This is where I developed my love for training. As well, as it being the catalyst for my fascination in all aspects of health.

I have been through my own struggles and I understand where you are coming from. Whether you can't lose fat or put on lean mass. I have been there.

I have always acquired all my sources from university studies, that are up to date ensuring all my programs are built on a scientific bass.

I am now looking to use all the information I have gathered, and will gather to help as many people achieve their dreams as I can.