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It Won't Change You....

Dylan Russell

Personal Trainer & Online Fitness Coach

Burn or Build?

Choose Your Fitness Adventure!

Fad diets failing? Stuck at a weight loss plateau? Ditch the misery, eat well! Let Dylan's science-backed method help you reach your goals - sustainably & happily!

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Ditch the bro-science! No more endless lifting & failed programs! My research-backed method is your shortcut to muscle. Real results, not guesswork.

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Tired of confusing fitness advice and fad diets? Ditch the guesswork and join us on a journey to build a stronger body AND mind. We blend the latest science with practical tips and playful explanations, making healthy living fun and accessible.

In our lab:

  • Demystify fitness fads: We translate complex research into actionable steps you can trust.
  • Fuel your brain: Discover the link between proper nutrition and optimal performance.
  • Get fit without the frown: We believe healthy habits shouldn't feel like punishment

Join the community of brainiacs and bodybuilders who are building a better life, one bicep curl, and brain teaser at a time!

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Protein. Do you eat enough?
The age-old question every person trying to build muscle faces... How much protein do I need? A quick Google search will take you down a rabbit hole of misinformation, delusional influencers, and 'magic protein shakes'. So what is the right answer?

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